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Last Updated 11/26/2021 7:30 AM CST

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Thursday Daily Update. A quick video for the Friday session. ES – nice rejection, retest and sideways today and lower to target next week 4550. Enjoy your long holiday weekend.

Tuesday Daily Update. ES – Rejection continued and now backtesting and looking for 4700 then lower lows – on the way to 4550. CL – Retest will define if we have turned, look for a higher low in the next 24 hours to confirm a turn. NG – turn may be in, lower low set up nice pos D – looking for a confirm tomorrow. GC – washout sale, and DX may turn tomorrow, looking for a confirmation tomorrow on GC – market may be flat until next Monday  HG – looking for a small pull back and higher highs next to $5. ZB – continuation lower expected KC – retesting the high and looking for a confirm on the turn  SB – still targeting 21.50  ZW – push and higher high, looking for a reversal and confirmation. LE – target made and looking for a turn here

Monday Daily Update. Apologies as this video is being recorded Tuesday morning, no data feed last night. ES – higher high has played out and looking for continuation lower, 4700 is resistance. CL – probing for a bottom, watch for resistance at 78 and if we convert, next legg higher is coming. NG – lower low and a better long setup, lean is still long. GC – Wash out sale and look for a long setup this morning, still bullish and we have trend line support lower. HG – retest and higher highs expected to $5. ZB – nice move lower and 156 should be next. KC – turning and no confirm yet, should see it this week. SB – pull back and trend line support expected and higher to $21. CC – consolidating for now, higher still the call. ZW – topping out here, looking for the turn  LE – target made , may still see a little follow through, pull back next.

Sunday Daily Update. Possible trend days this week on SPX/ES are Monday and Friday according to program trading data. ES – made a higher high in globex and requires a retest. SPX will need to see 25-30 this week to make target then look for a reversal setup. Holiday week this week so a melt up is possible. CL – made target and looking for a turn and higher highs  NG – the turn may be in, new highs expected into $7 next. GC – not quite at 35 and may still be seen, RSI needs more room before the next rally, lower is needed first then next major rally. DX close to turning.  HG – higher to $5 expected, looking for upside as DX falls. ZB – retest done and flag is fully formed, lower into 156 likely.  KC – Topping out and looking for a pull back into 180.  SB – needs a new high and 21.50  CC – on the way to 3000, so far so good.  ZW topping out and looking for a confirmation lower. LE – close to a turn, may still see 139.



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