Vega Options – 14 day free trial

$75.00 / month with a 14-day free trial



Vega Options is a service that helps traders learn how to trade options positions. You will learn how an experienced options trader interprets price action from various time frames on a chart and how he selects the particular option strategy that he would use to trade those opportunities. There will be in-depth explanations providing the reasons behind choosing the option strategy as well as explanations regarding the ‘trigger’ from the chart that he would use to either initiate or exit a position. The process of evaluating opportunities and structuring trades will be done in real-time so that trades can be made using the information but no trade recommendations will be issued and it will be solely up to the subscribers to decide whether or not to trade those opportunities.


What you get with the service:


  — Trade ideas are distributed using the Vega Options Private Twitter Feed
  — Real-Time Price Action Analysis and Option Trade Initiation
 — Learn How to Structure Option Positions to Take Advantage of the Option Greeks
 — Subscriber Q&A and Coaching on the private twitter feed
To aid all the updates and recommendations, a subscriber is entitled to exclusive access to our vast library of trading and analysis videos which contains many years worth of distilled knowledge on Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Trading Tools, Elliott Wave and more. Come join our trading team!


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