The Art of Chart helps you make better decisions and trade successfully. Primarily an educational web site, we communicate to our subscribers with our private twitter feed and daily videos to help them learn the art of technical analysis and how to use this analysis in trading. The site is a collaboration between Richard Chappell aka Springheel Jack of www.channelsandpatterns.com, and Stan Nabozny, forecasting moves in price and time.

This site is for swing traders and day traders looking to identify possible moves in the futures markets. IndexesBondsCommoditiesCurrenciesEnergiesPrecious Metals – we trade these markets every week. We identify long and short term trends and publish a Daily Video Update and two weekly live Chart Chat videos for subscribers and post charts here at least twice a week but more often when we see trading opportunities.

Our goal of providing this information is to offer investors a probable roadmap of trends as they unfold. We believe that trading is all about following the market and capturing the trend. We do not offer trade recommendations, nor suggest people should trade on the information we provide. We do suggest that one uses this information on futures trading strategies and various futures markets to complement their own trading strategies. Nothing is guaranteed. We are working with probabilities, not certainties.

Oftentimes the market unfolds as expected. Sometimes it does not. When it does not, we take the time to examine what went wrong and try our best to get back on track with the market. The market leads and we follow. Being right is not the objective; we care about being on the right side of the trade and making profits.

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Good luck, and good trading to all!