The Art of Chart is designed to help our traders make better decisions and trade successfully. Primarily an educational web site, we communicate to our subscribers with our private twitter feed and daily videos to help them learn the art of technical analysis and how to use this analysis in trading.

The Art of Chart is oriented around clear, actionable, up-to-date forecasting services. We strive to educate our Subscribers using our knowledge of a very specific set of technical analysis tools and methodology. We provide clear timely updated communication and guidance so our Subscribers are never left in the dark when risking their capital. Our approach is based on our experience as traders.

Our approach to communication is both real time via a private twitter feed, written, video and live educational sessions. We believe that communication with video offers the best way for a trader to improve their trading. You can give someone the best & most accurate analysis in the world and they could still lose money if they don’t know how to utilize this information. This is why we do educational webinars and most of our technical analysis is communication via video.

We provide setups but not trading signals. In addition, we provide videos which show invalidation levels and entry / exit areas.

We cover over 30 instruments including indexes, currencies, bonds, energies, metals and commodities.

We will be adding more instruments to the service in the future which may include stocks.

Yes. We offer 3 Educational Video webinars every month including a monthly webinar for subscribers called Ask Us which is an open forum for subscribers only for questions.

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