Emini Futures

Emini Futures & Index Futures

E-minis represent a portion of a standard futures contract and are often considered by traders to be an attractive trading instrument for beginners just started out in futures trading. The Emini can be traded practically around the clock too, which is a positive for traders who may not be able to trade during regular trading hours. E-minis also tend to have low margins, making them much more affordable than full-sized standard contracts. E-mini futures can be traded for short or long positions with relative ease too.

Although the E-minis futures market consists of contracts on a wide variety of products, index futures represent a majority of the market. Index future contracts deal with the performance of stock indexes. For example, the most traded stock index futures are emini S&P 500 or the es future. The S&P 500 consists of 500 larger stocks that many consider to show the best representation of the U.S. economy. Instead of owning individual stocks, S&P 500 traders can buy and sell futures contracts on the strength of the index.

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