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Sunday, May 12th, 2024 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

Public Chart Chat – Our 2024 Forecast for Indexes, Currencies, Bonds, Energies, Metals, and other Commodities

Chart Chat is a live review of setups and patterns in over 30 trading instruments across asset classes including Indexes, Forex, Energies, Bonds, Precious Metals and Commodities. In this webinar we will share our 2019 long term forecasts and trading setups that you can profit from. With the Volatility now present in the market, we have a unique opportunity to make money with short term duration trade.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to how to predict, identify and trade using price action, price structure and market timing. Veteran traders Stan Nabozny and Richard Chappell show you how they integrate these three principles into trading setups that are actionable. They combine their collective experience using a selective set of proprietary systems, Classical Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Elliott Wave, Fibonacci principles and Pivots to analyze market action and predict future market swings.

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Comprehensive Coverage of over 30 instruments in all asset classes including Indexes, Forex, Metals, Bonds, Energies and Commodities.For more click here.

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Sharpen your trading skills with our Trader Education Library with over 40 videos on Technical Analysis, Risk management, Trader Psychology, Trading Systems and more.


Consistent quality analysis

Been a member for a number of years. Love the consistent honest feedback. The two different views helpful as when Jack and Stan agree its very profitable. Offerings like weekly call and leader follower program is exceptional. Make sure to... Read More

Jonathan S

Professional trading

I've mainly been using TheArtofchart's free webinars to get a picture of the overall market. I find Stan's work very helpful and insightful. Then I decide to sign up for their Boot Camp and with this subscription, for the first... Read More

Daniel Broz

second time around

just completed the trader's bootcamp for the second time with two years between classes- i think i learned more the second time likely because it was based upon the earlier foundation and the trading experiences of the intervening years; so... Read More

Russell Rains

Great Trading Service and Support

The Art of Chart offers a great trading education service and the website is just filled with great content to help every trader….Stan and Jack combine to provide great pattern trends and risk/reward perspectives across several time horizons to help... Read More

Ryan R

Best Trading course on the net!

Stan and Jack are true professionals in the world of trading. This course has been all encompassing of everything a trader needs to be successful in Swing and Day Trading. I would recommend highly this course for not just beginners... Read More

Matt Duncan

A true professional read

Stan and Jack give you a true professional read from two different but cohesive perspectives They give you a long term, short ter , and an immediate opinion , It's all very high quality. Read More


What I love most about your service and your approach...

What I love most about your service and your approach is just your patience and even handedness. I think this is what I've gained most from your service, videos and presence in my life: greater confidence, more patience, less concern... Read More


Powerful stuff

I have been with TAOC for one week, but I fell like I want stay with you for the rest of my life :))). Powerful stuff going on. Great job, very professional, lots of content, high probability of right target... Read More


Simply the best for honing your trading skills

Simply the best website for honing your trading skills bar none. After repeated reviews of the videos from trader education library, I now do not enter a trade without asking myself how would Stan and Jack analyze the risk/reward of... Read More


Liked Learning About Commitment of Traders Report

The course has been enormously helpful. I particularly liked learning about the COT report and reading Larry William's book and in my case applying it to swing trades in the metals. Read More