Traders Boot Camp with The Trader TRIPLE PLAY Subscription


The Trader’s Boot Camp is a one month long program for both swing and day trading. This program includes self study materials as well as live interactive trading sessions and is divided into three sections

1) Market Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals about how the market works and the tools available to experienced traders. This is the requisite knowledge to be successful.

2) Swing Trading

Learn how to identify swing trading setups, including several low-risk, high-reward strategies that you can use successfully.

3) Day Trading

These trading lessons will show you how to take advantage day trading futures. You’ll learn how to find the strongest setups and trade them with skill and confidence.

Included is a one month subscription to the Trader Triple Play which is required to attend the Academy so that you can apply what you learn from our instructors.

This subscription is our top of the line offering which includes 30+ instruments with benefits of all the services together namely: The Daily Video Update, Chart Chat, Traders Chart Package. However, the story doesn’t end there, we have also included the best-in-class advanced data analytics and risk management strategies to help you forecast your trades in the right way to maximize profits. Our methodology in trading indices like the Emini, various futures and commodities is best explained by The Trader TRIPLE PLAY. We meticulously analyze the market situation with multiple technical tools and real-time business insight including but not limited to Technical Analysis, Elliott Wave, Hurst Timing Cycles, Fibonacci’s, Momentum, Support, Resistance, Trending Systems, Moving Averages and much more.

We have also included our vast library of trading and analysis videos which contains over a years worth of distilled knowledge on Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Trading Tools, Elliott Wave and more.  All included at a 30% discount. Come join our trading team!

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