what our chart chat webinar viewers say

I need to communicate how much I appreciate you. How can we not. I have been watching daily video for 4 months? you rarely are not in the perfection zone. I have been applying Elliot for many years and your adaptation and accuracy from traditional to this current beast has been so helpful. Your an excellent teacher. I call you Stan The Man. I?m not alone, we love you, dude. Bruce

I?ve been a subscriber for a month and wanted to write a few short words to thank you. Stan and Jack, your daily videos are beyond awesome. Clear and precise, the information you provide on a daily basis goes way beyond what I expected. Each time I watch and listen, I feel like I?m being personally guided through the chaos of the markets! Thank you again! The ?tweets? are a triple bonus!? — Jan

Chart Chat is an amazing combination of TA tools and perspectives for a swing trader.? The webinar is an interaction between two top analysts that combines different techniques of long term market direction.? I have personally initiated 25 swing trades in ES, TF, DX, ZS, SI, SB and CL based on the clear cut material presented in the broadcast with great success. – – – Stuart S

I gotta tell you..I am truly amazed at how talented you are. You?ve called the last few turns with absolute precision. This is the best subscription I have ever purchased; extremely happy with my decision. – Oscar

Whether you are a long-term Investor or Day-Trader, the Chart Chat gives a tremendous amount of insight into various financial instruments using advanced Technical Analysis from experienced traders – – – Chris C

All I can say is I?m very impressed? your nailing it. The daily videos and your morning post have been extremely helpful with my trading. Very happy to be a paid subscriber!! – Todd

I used an EW service a while back and the calls were so consistently wrong, I thought EW was just a guessing game.? You have made some wrong calls no doubt, but the consistency of the right ones has truly taken me back. You have single handedly brought me back to the EW camp and help me slowly nurse my account back to health. All I could ask of you is to maybe have a set time for your early live daily video sessions so that I can make sure not to miss them

As a 33 year veteran of the futures markets during the era of open outcry, I knew how to trade until I did not. Thank you very much the computer age of trading.? For Jack and Stan’s charts, which I have been asked to comment on, I think what these two guys do is astounding . . . . In conclusion, Jack and Stan are Pros , period, and nothing they do now should change.?? In fact , what they do is beyond a doubt a wonderful resource that the members of PrincetonTrader can use and learn from, and it is simply what I ultimately aspire to understand and use? – – – -? Jerry “formally known as FRY” Friedman

Stan, thank you for taking the time with wave structure and designation in the videos. I can now spend more time effectively by going over the old videos to study as well. I like making money quite a bit but I love learning. Being able to cross-correlate with such valuable, newly discovered skills makes the successful trades that much more efficient but more importantly, fulfilling. Most appreciative and looking forward to gathering new wisdom and honing sharper tools. Cheers. – Damon

I have known Stan and Rich for years, and I can personally attest to their keen trading acumen.? They both possess a wealth of knowledge, and the traders at Princetontrader benefit not only from their impressive trading skills but also from their vast technical expertise and their willingness to generously share that expertise with their fellow traders.? I continue to learn from Rich and Stan on a daily basis, and I am pleased to say that I consistently make money as a result of their excellent analysis on Chart Chat. It is a true pleasure trading with them at Princetontrader.com.? — A longtime PrincetonTrader subscriber

I ran some standard deviation numbers last month (May 2015) relating to ES handle movement and the individual calls? …? I only looked at swing trades … -?76% win rate