Chart Chat – A Brief History and Overview

If you are new to?The Art of Chart?and our weekly videos called Chart Chat, this post is for you.

In October 2014, Jack and I began a weekly live video review of the futures market. We cover an hour of Indexes, Energies, Currencies, Bonds, Precious Metals and Commodities every Tuesday.

Below is a set of video clips with both short and medium term calls, just to show you what we provide and how we work together. In short, our work together has been both fascinating and highly profitable.

In the video, take note of the significant?turns we called and the profits we obtained in the month of March 2015. Many of the calls we made then are still playing out now, especially in Bonds.? In the video we included?the Emini S&P, SPX, TLT, TNX, GC,?DX, CL. The calls in Bonds, DX and CL were very significant and profitable.

Enjoy ?: )

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