Looking At The Bigger Picture

Looking At The Bigger Picture

SPX retested the retracement low this morning, so the Three Day Rule target has been reached. This is a return to form after the first fail on this stat since the start of 2007 in April/May 2018. Still the strongest stat I follow. So what now?

From a cycles perspective there is a cycle high window in January, then a big cycle low in May 2019 at which we are thinking we should see the main low for this move. The ideal target for that low then would be a test of rising megaphone support from the 2011 low to be hit in the 2370 area, which would also be at the 50% retracement of the move up from the 2016 low. There are two very decent looking options for reversal on the way.

The first is in the the 2655-70 area, from where we could see a reversal to retest the high, to set up a double top looking for the main target area.

The other is a retest of the annual pivot and 2018 low area 2532-38, which is the obvious full retracement of the move from there and a possible large H&S neckline. If that H&S was to to form, with the right shoulder high ideally in the 2870 area in January, then on a break down the H&S target would be in the 2140 area, with a likely inflection point at rising support from the 2011 low where that would either hold and end the retracement there, or break to open up that full H&S target.

SPX weekly chart:

In the short term we are seeing a rally from this morning’s low that should fail into at least a retest of that low. That fail should ideally be at or below declining resistance from the high, currently in the 2765-70 area. SPX 60min chart:

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