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  1. Hi; I’m having trouble seeing subscriber content, sfarinaccio14/ Sean Farinaccio- please address this as you can. Thank you ☺️

    1. hi Iam – you need to hover your mouse over subscriber content to see the sub menu or if on an ipad or phone use the arrow key to the right to open the sub menu

  2. i think you’ve got some bugs on the new site. after signing in, sometimes, you seem to think my user name is ‘orders’ and i can’t get any content.

  3. I’m currently logged in, and it shows my subscription on my accounts page but when i go to the subscriber content page it is locked and only accessible to members. this has happened before, please fix it!

  4. also, i am trying to look at this on an ipad, and wonder if it has something to do with this new ‘hovering’ behavior, you know tablets and phones don’t support ‘hover’, right?

    1. yes they do – if you look at subscriber content on an ipad you have an arrow to the right and you hit the arrow and pull down the content as a submenu

  5. Stan,

    Having a similar problem as above – i.e signed in, but no services avaible when hovering over “Subscriber Content”. My account record shows that my initial subscription was cancelled only to be replaced by a new one. Is it possible that the “new” subscription is awaiting some sort of verification?


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