Chart Chat Video Review – June 2015

Jack and I do a video review of the markets every Tuesday called Chart Chat which is primarily educational and intended to help traders learn how?to use?technical analysis?in Indexes, Bonds, Energies, Currencies, Precious Metals and Commodities.

Once a month we will be posting a Video Review of our work here on The Art of Chart. Below we videos for SPX, Platinum/Metals, Oil, Sugar and Index Cycle Chart which Jack and I use to place price in time. Enjoy! 🙂

SPX from 6/23 – over 60 handles in profit so far, expecting a bounce and lower to target.

Platinum from 6/23 – x handles so far in profit – next legg down defines the trend change with a higher low.

Oil from 6/23 – Over 480 ticks in profit and have hit target 55.41 to the tick. Expecting a bounce this week and new highs in the month of July

Sugar from 6/23 – X ticks in profit so far – long term bottom being put? in place here – next legg down defines the trend change with a higher low.

Index Cycle Chart from 6/16 – For SPX, Emini S&P, Russell and the DOW – We use cycle charts to place price in time in our work. The decline we are in was called over a month ago. Still showing more downside through mid July after current bounce completes.

In October 2014, Jack and I began Chart Chat covering an hour of Indexes, Energies, Currencies, Bonds, Precious Metals and Commodities every Tuesday. We hope to be offering a weekly subscription here on The Art Of Chart in the near future.? The calls we make are short and medium term in nature. Contact us via Twitter if you have an interest in participating. Click here to see what our subscribers say.

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