The Blue Pill

ES gapped up over resistance on the NFP numbers this morning, and we are running the second option that I  was looking at on the intraday video yesterday. ES is likely to hit the rising channel resistance I was looking at yesterday and that is now in the 2785 area. Ideally that gets hit today. Intraday Video from – Update on ES, NQ and TF:

This is another inflection area and we are looking for a reversal to start from a high not much higher than this is the next couple of trading days. We shall see how that goes. ES Mar 60min chart:

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Richard Chappell

Jack is a 20 year retail trading veteran and co-founder of The Art Of Chart. He started his blog at in 2010 and since has published tens of thousands of charts looking at hundreds of trading instruments across most tradeable markets, doing original work mainly in the areas of trendlines, patterns and divergences. At The Art Of Chart Jack has taught trading skills, technical analysis, and the discipline and trader psychology that allow those to be used effectively in trading.

09th Mar 2018

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