Probably A Dip To Buy

I was seeing a possibility of a retracement last night and was talking about that this morning in my premarket vid. The 60min sell signals on ES and NQ have made target but there is a strong case on NQ for a hit of a wedge support trendline currently in the 6460 area and that has not yet been hit. On TF, this is likely to be a pullback to establish a rising support trendline before the high probability retest of the all-time high, though obviously, this is a big news bomb week. Intraday Video – Update on ES, NQ, and TF

Here is the double bottom setup on RUT/TF shown on RUT. The action from yesterday’s high looks like a bull flag forming, and most likely that’s exactly what it is. RUT 60min chart:

If you are enjoying these intraday video updates, you can see those earlier by subscribing to our YouTube channel for The Art Of Chart. I tend to be uploading these an hour or so before the posts as the posts take extra time to prepare.

There is a lot of news this afternoon and tomorrow. Be wary.

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19th Dec 2017

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