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tweeted an excerpt from my premarket video on Thursday last week where I was talking about the ideal path for ES over the coming days and the plan was to see a high respecting a trendline then in the mid-3060s, seen on Thursday afternoon, then a retracement into the 3000 area, seen on Friday, and then a push into 3100 area for the middle of this week, currently in progress. With the historical stats for today and tomorrow both over 70% green on SPX, I’m thinking that level might be seen before the close tomorrow. We’ll see.

In the short term I have short term wedge resistance on the SPX 15min chart in the 3085-90 area, and that is the next obvious target.

SPX 15min chart:

If that hit is tomorrow then that might be hit with my (currently still theoretical) larger rising wedge resistance, currently in the 3100 area, with the IHS target also satisfied there.

SPX 60min chart:

On the bigger picture the other main target that I am watching here is the rising megaphone resistance on the NDX weekly chart. I would very much like to see that target hit for an ideal short setup and NDX will need to pick up the upward pace to make up for last week’s underperformance.

NDX weekly chart:

As this high forms I will be looking for negative divergence on the SPX hourly RSI 14 and the SPX daily RSI 5, ideally with some NYMO divergence.

SPX daily chart:

Support on SPX is at the 5dma, currently at 3031, the weekly pivot at 3027, the hourly 50 MA, currently at 3004, the 200dma, Friday’s support and currently at 3003, with the other support on a clear break below 3000 at the monthly pivot at 2960, main rising channel support, currently in the 2940 area, and the daily middle band, currently at 2931.

Will we see a high when we make these targets? I think that’s likely yes, but it may take a while topping out and history suggests that SPX might be at the top end of a trading range that could hold SPX for two to four months before a likely lower low under the March low.

What about the contrary view that the bull market in SPX will just resume now and plough ever upwards? Well you never know, but it seems unlikely, as well as having no historical precedent. The economy is in deep recession, and that isn’t likely to improve soon. Forty million americans have lost their jobs so far this year, and that figure is likely to increase before it starts moving down again. It seems like a strange kind of dark miracle under the circumstances that SPX has rallied this far and that I am looking for a new all time high on NDX today or tomorrow. I’ll be surprised if this levitation lasts much further and if SPX does go into a trading range for the summer, that will give some more time for the grim economic reality to bite. Still expecting lower lows as that happens but keeping an open mind. This is a strange market and has been for years.

That said though the Fed has made it clear that they are standing by to help with any liquidity issues, but that they will not be helping with any economic contraction. As the next few months look mainly to be about a harsh economic contraction, it may not be that the Fed will be helping much with that. We’ll see.

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Richard Chappell

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01st Jun 2020

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