Mean Reversion Looks Close

The last high on SPX reached a few days ago was an impressive 5.54% above the 45dma, one of the highest readings in the last decade excluding the initial spike up from the March 2020 low, and slightly above the 5.4% reached at the early 2018 high. Coupled with the strong punch over the NDX weekly upper band then, that is a strong indicator that at least a short term high is being made, and I’m looking for a reversion to the mean move back to the 45dma, currently in the 4491 area.

SPX Daily vs 45dma chart:

The decline last week looks like a bull flag and, if so, that flag has likely broken up into what will likely be a full retest of the all time high at 4718.50. That full retest will set a possible daily RSI 14 sell signal brewing on SPX and, if also seen on NDX, IWM and INDU, would also set daily RSI 14 sell signals brewing on those.

SPX daily chart:

Could SPX go higher? Well I’d expect at least a marginal higher high, but if SPX goes much higher than that I’ll be watching possible trendline resistance now in the 4750 area.

SPX 60min chart:

On NDX the obvious resistance trendline has already been hit and slightly overthrown so I’m doubtful about much more than a high retest there.

NDX daily chart:

Could a larger high be forming here? Yes, and I’d refer back again to the backtest scenario that I was looking at in my post on Friday 6th August. This could be setting up for that backtest here and I’ll be watching the next retracement with great interest.

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Richard Chappell

Jack is a 20 year retail trading veteran and co-founder of The Art Of Chart. He started his blog at in 2010 and since has published tens of thousands of charts looking at hundreds of trading instruments across most tradeable markets, doing original work mainly in the areas of trendlines, patterns and divergences. At The Art Of Chart Jack has taught trading skills, technical analysis, and the discipline and trader psychology that allow those to be used effectively in trading.

15th Nov 2021

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